Poor Hospitality
Want some whine with that cheese?


Random Event

Orlanthi place great store in hospitality.  However, if it is a guest you don't like (or you are trying to start an incident), that doesn't mean you have to treat them as good guests...and feuds have been started for less.

Event Dialogue

<X>, one of your weaponthanes, complains that he was insulted when invited to dine among the <Y clan>.  He was fed disgusting, rotten food, while his hosts dined well.  He asked for a towel to wipe his hands, and was given one which was dirty and full of holes.  "They meant to slight us," <X> says, "and I say that we should punish them for their gross insolence!"  Some of the other weaponthanes murmur their support for <X>'s words.

  1. Compose a poem satirizing the <Y clan>.
  2. Convince <X> to forget this incident.
  3. Do nothing.
  4. Raid the <Y clan>.
  5. Send a delegation to protest the <Y clan>'s poor hospitality.

King of Dragon Pass


Honor is important to any Orlanthi clan, but this must be tempered with wisdom.  Few would look kindly on a clan for starting a feud if they accidentally got their foot stepped on.

  • If you have faith in your poetry, a good satire will get your point across, earn the respect of the other clans, and without drawing the first blow.
  • Weaponthanes are concerned about honor, but you may be able to convince your warrior that this incident, ultimately, is not one worth getting worked up over.  However, success is far from guaranteed.
  • Doing nothing doesn't change much except some slight displeasure from the weaponthanes.
  • Raiding will certainly get your point across, but if you fight at every sign of disrespect, then other clans will be much less likely to trust you for anything (since your first response is to go for the sword).
  • Sending a delegation may prove the insult was unintentional, and they may even compensate you for the disrespect.  Of course, if the other clan laughs at your concern, then you may wish to be wary of them since they seem sure of themselves.

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