Praxian Ostrichriders


Exploration Event

Area Prax

Far to the east lies a land little known to the newcomers of Dragon Pass:  the land of Prax.  Renowned for its beast riders, it is a land Orlanthi must be wary of when exploring.

Note:  This event occurs when entering Prax for the first time.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a trader of your clan, reports back on the recent exploratory mission to the wastelands of Prax.  There the party met a group of nomads who rode fabulous birds, and claimed to be doughty warriors.  They offered to help us raid another clan in Dragon Pass, in exchange for twenty cows worth of silver, and a quarter of the spoils.
  1. Accept their offer, delay the raid until later
  2. Accept their offer, stage an immediate raid
  3. Forget their offer
  4. Send a party to raid them
  5. Send them gifts

King of Dragon Pass


  • Procuring the aid of the ostrich raiders nets you a valuable ally to use in a raid, though they may only be relied on once.
  • You certainly may raid them in return, though the beast riders of Prax by and large aren't too wealthy.
  • Sending gifts can make Praxians respond favorably, and make you less of a target of one of their raids.

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