Price of Adultery


Random Event

Adultery is one of the greatest crimes in Orlanthi such that it is within the clan ring's rights to outlaw the offender.

Event Dialogue

<X>, who married into your clan, now seeks a divorce.  She accuses her husband, <Y>, of taking a mistress.  "I don't know who he's been with, but I know he's been with someone--repeatedly!" She wishes to keep her bride price of <#> cows as a fine for adultery.  <X>'s kin from the <Z> clan are here to support her claim.
  1. Conduct a divination
  2. Outlaw <Y>, pay the bride price
  3. Outlaw <Y>
  4. Pay the bride price
  5. "Without proof of adultery, we can take no action."

King of Dragon Pass


  • Most divinations will reveal that the husband is in fact an adulterer.
  • If you outlaw the husband, and pay the bride price, the <Z> clan will also be pleased, knowing you acted with honor.
  • You can outlaw <Y> but still keep the bride price.  However, your reputation will suffer with the <Z> clan since it was your clan member who broke tradition...and in a divorce, the bride gets back her bride price.
  • Simply paying the bride price will satisfy <X> and her clan, though not as much as outlawing her husband.
  • While you may not have proof, <X>'s clan will assume you tolerate the husband's philandering ways, and your reputation will drop.

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