Prince of Masks


Exploration Event

Area Tarsh

As the members of your clan start to explore Dragon Pass, they may stumble across other Orlanthi to the northwest in a land called Tarsh.

Note:  This is the first event you will experience upon entering Tarsh.

Event Dialogue

<X>, one of the explorers you sent to the far northwest, reports back.  "We found a land called Tarsh.  They are a little different from us, but still know the laws and stories of the gods.  While there, we were approached by an odd and dandyish fellow who called himself The Prince of Masks.  He said that if we gave him silver and gems worth fifty cows, that he would visit a magical catastrophe upon any clan in Dragon Pass we chose."
  1. Agree to his proposal
  2. Bargain with him
  3. Forget the incident
  4. Send a party to attack him
  5. Tell another clan about him

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you accept the Prince of Mask's proposal (whether paying full price or bargaining with him), your stated target may have a catastrophe fall upon them.  Disaster is not guaranteed since other clans have their own magic workers.
  • Telling another clan about the Prince of Masks can earn their good-will, but be aware that another clan will be the target of his magic, possibly even your own.
  • You may try to attack him, but he is usually too wily to suffer that fate.

Notes: It is unconfirmed whether one may successfully attack the Prince of Masks, and if so what the result is.

Also, if you try to bargain, the Prince of Masks may just shut the conversation down entirely, insulted.

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