Property Dispute


Random Event

The clan has many duties, and some are quite mundane, though important to the people involved.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a small stead-holder accuses <Y>, his neighbor from the <Z> clan, of moving the boundary stones between their pastures.  <Y> denies this, and complains that <X> is trying to use the clan chief to steal from him.
  1. Offer <Y> a cow if he drops his claim
  2. Send an emissary to the <Z clan>
  3. Tell <X> to drop his claim
  4. Tell them to resolve their dispute by arm-wrestling
  5. Threaten <Y> if he doesn't drop his claim

King of Dragon Pass


A rather mundane event, but they all can't be life or death. 

  • If you give <Y> a cow (a rich sum), he will drop his claim.
  • If you relations are good, an emissary to the other clan may work in your favor.  Of course, the ability of the emissary to negotiate plays a role.
  • Your stead-man, <X> will drop his claim if ordered, but this will cause some discontentment within the clan.
  • If you can pull it of, telling them to arm-wrestle might be the best choice.  If all goes well, after a day of competition, they will be best friends.  If they think the idea is stupid, then you just aggravate both sides with what they see as nonsense.
  • If you threaten <Y>, he might drop his claim, but his clan will be angry.  However, if they feel strong enough, they may push back as well.

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