Questioning the Chief (Carls)


Random Event

Happens when Morale too low
Next Carls on Strike

If everyone in the clan is furious with the chief, then something must be done. They are definitely willing to court starvation itself if they aren't mollified.

Event Dialogue

A group of carls comes to the ring to protest the chief, with warriors and others crowding behind them.  "We cannot serve such a worthless and capricious chief," their leader says.  "<Clan Chief> is courting feuds on all sides with his/her behavior.  Belching at god-talkers from other clans!  Fondling visiting nobles!  Feeding good beer to pigs in the clan hall!  We speak for the entire clan today, to show you that even the lowliest and slowest to anger are incensed.  Remove <Clan Chief> as chief!
  1. Try to mollify them with words and livestock.
  2. Demand that they honor the ring and the chief.
  3. Ask for <Clan Chief>'s resignation.
  4. Outlaw <Clan Chief>.
  5. Apologize for poor leadership, offer to replace the entire ring.

King of Dragon Pass


In general, if this event comes up, your clan is usually having some tough times, so you need to consider some long term changes to improve things. 

  • A temporary solution, persuasion and bribery with livestock may quiet the carls for a time.  However, failure will result in further anger, and the carls even refusing to grow crops.
  • Demanding they honor the ring and chief will accomplish little other than put the carls' back up.
  • Asking for the chief's resignation or outlawing the chief will appease the carls a little, but if matters don't improve they will be back.
  • Apologizing and offering to replace the entire ring may bring the most positive response but it may force people with little experience onto the Clan Ring.

If things don't go well, you may face Carls on Strike.

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