Quiet Plotting
Quiet conspiracy


Random Event

Though their reputation has Orlanthi as rather straightforward, some individuals do have a measure of cunning, especially if they know they are outclassed.

Event Dialogue

<W> of the <A> clan, accompanied by <X> and <Y> of the <B clan> comes to convince your weaponthanes to help her to ambush and kill <Z>, <King/Queen> of the Colymar tribe. "The Colymar have gone too far, becoming tyrants! They demand tribute from us." <W>, <X>, and <Y> are prominent weaponthanes of their clans.
  1. Convince them to abandon their plan.
  2. Hear them out, then warn <Z>
  3. Instruct your weaponthanes to participate
  4. Let your weaponthanes to decide for themselves
  5. Refuse them

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you manage to convince the conspirators to put their plan aside, they will reward you for letting them see sense.
  • If you let your weaponthanes join, odds are good they will lose, and this will turn the whole Colymar tribe against your clan.
  • If you let the weaponthanes decide, they almost always decide to go for the greater glory.
  • If you warn the <King/Queen>, they will thank you, reward your clan, and prove victorious.  However, the conspirators will blame you for the leak, and your reputation will suffer with them.
  • Refusing keeps you out of the whole mess. 

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