Quivin Wyrm Cave
Wyrm cave


Exploration Event

Area Mount Quivin

The Orlanthi generally keep their distance from the dragons, since the Dragonkill War, but there may be great treasures to be uncovered in a wyrm's cave...

Event Dialogue

<Exploration Leader> has come back from an expedition into the Quivin Mountains. (S)he says (s)he's found the cave lair of a wyrm. Wyrms are dragon-like creatures the size of a small stead. <Exploration Leader> thinks this one is sitting on a mound of treasure.

  1. Forbid anyone to disturb the wyrm.
  2. Send a party to give a gift of food to the wyrm.
  3. Send a party back to kill the wyrm and take the treasure.
  4. Trade <Expedition Leader>'s map to the lair to another clan.

King of Dragon Pass

If you have a trickster on the ring, you will be given an additional option:

  • Send <your trickster> to take the treasures without killing the wyrm.


Depending on what your ancestors' views about the dragons were, you will be rewarded differently.  Also, any treasure you gain here just gives an increase to your goods.

Generally, though:

  • Sending a trickster to take the treasures might seem like a good idea, but the Eurmali, being very unreliable, will teach the dragon how to gamble, and you very well may lose goods as a result, or win treasure, depending on your fortune...
  • Attempting to kill a wyrm is a very dangerous thing to do. A single wyrm can destroy 20 weaponthanes with a twitch of a muscle. So go in with caution.

Positive Towards Dragons

  • Sending gifts of food to the wyrm will increase your clan's magic.
  • Sending a party to kill the dragon will hurt your clan magic.

Neutral Towards Dragons

  • Forbidding anyone to disturb the wyrm will increase your clan magic.
  • Trading away the map of the area will increase your clan magic, and get you a few cows worth of goods.
  • Sending a party to give food to the wyrm, or kill it will hurt your clan magic.

Negative Towards Dragons

  • Killing the dragon will benefit your magic pool.
  • You will pay for giving gifts to the dragon with your clan magic.

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