Ragged Outlaws


Random Event

Even the scruffiest of ruffians lay claim to their own deity.  However, whether they have his favor or not remains to be seen...

Event Dialogue

A group of ragged outlaws demands your hospitality.  Their leader says that they are favored by Gagarth, god of outlaws, who will rain punishing hail upon your tula if you do not hold a feast in their honor.  "If you do not give us your finest ale, and your choicest meats, Gagarth's hail will flatten your crops, kill your sheep, and wound your children."  The people are angered by the boldness of their demands.
  1. Attack them.
  2. Grant them hospitality.
  3. Offer them gifts if they leave you alone.
  4. Offer them gifts if they will threaten another clan instead.
  5. Refuse them entry.

King of Dragon Pass


  • As outlaws, you are within your rights to attack them, and they will flee immediately. Your ring suggests that this makes your weaponthanes happier.
  • Normally, Orlanthi are expected to provide hospitality when called upon, but outlaws aren't covered by this expectation.  If you do feed them, expect to see them consume a large amount of your food.  Your clan will also lose morale for entertaining these free-loaders.
  • The outlaws will leave for a time if you give them gifts. Your farmers will again be annoyed for giving gifts to outlaws.
  • Possibly the best choice, offering gifts to plague another clan can get the outlaws to bother someone else.  Your own clan will be pleased with the clan ring's ingenuity.
  • Your own people will be pleased by refusing entry to the outlaws.

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