Raid Request (Chief Slaying)
Raid request


Random Event

Requires Mad Chieftain clan nearby

When clan chiefs go crazy, their clansmen ask their neighbors to raid them in order to kill their leader but avoid kinstrife, it can make you wonder who is madder, the chief, or the clansmen.

Event Dialogue

Prominent members of the <X> clan come to your clan for help. "This is not a good thing we have to say, but our chieftain, <Y>, has gone mad. He makes foolish decisions, and will not listen to the counsel of the clan ring. We do not want to risk kinstrife, but something must be done. If you agree to raid us, we will make sure that <Y> falls beneath your blades. Then we will owe you a great debt."

  1. Demand a specific reward to do as they ask.
  2. Do as they ask.
  3. Politely decline.
  4. Scold them for betraying Orlanthi values.
  5. Send a delegation to warn <Y> of their intentions.

King of Dragon Pass


One thing to bear in mind is that with the first four options, the mad chieftain may become aware of the plot.  As such, he will punish the traitors, and hold your clan partially responsible as well.

  • You might demand a specific reward, but the supplicants refuse to pay a higher price.  The needs they hope to initiate are dire enough, but they don't want to be further indebted to your clan.
  • If you agree to do this favor, you will go on a raid, so make sure it isn't during Sea or Earth season. Even if you win the battle, there is no guarantee that the mission will succeed.  The chief may get wind of the plot, and torture his people for their insolence, and your reputation with their clan will plummet. If successful, they will owe you a favor, but won't seem too happy about the outcome.
  • Politely declining is the easiest offer.  The ones seeking your aid understand your position, and move on.  
  • Rebellion is the course of last resort so you can justly scold your visitors for betraying Orlanthi values.  However, they angrily leave, saying they wouldn't have broached murdering their chief if things weren't in a bad situation.
  • Sending a delegation to <Y> is arguably the worst choice.  The mad chieftain doesn't believe you, and will accuse you of stirring up clan trouble.  Additionally, when you send your delegate, you should send some warriors to guard your emissary.  There is a good chance the mad chieftain may kill the delegate in a fit of pique.

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