Random Event

It needs little saying that for people who worship the Storm God, the Orlanthi would put great significance in the rainbow.

Event Dialogue

Carls of your clan are excited to see a rainbow touch down in one of your fields.  As Orlanthi, you are Storm People, and there are few omens as positive as a rainbow, the beautiful gift left by the gods in the wake of a storm.  It meant we were due for a time of good luck.
  1. Do nothing.
  2. Embark on a raid.
  3. Pursue trade opportunities.
  4. Make friends with another clan.
  5. Thank the gods with a sacrifice.

King of Dragon Pass


Upon seeing the rainbow, your clan gains a little magic.

  • Doing nothing keeps the little bit of magic you get for seeing the rainbow.
  • Deciding to raid will cost you a little bit of magic, but your next raid has a much greater chance of success.  However, don't raid in Sea or Earth season as the luck of the raid doesn't extend to harvesting.
  • If you choose to pursue trade, you will lose the little bit of the magic gained, but your markets and trade routes thrive for a year or so.
  • Your magic will decline slightly, but you can make good friends with another clan, or even come much closer to end a feud if you wish.
  • If give the gods a sacrifice of thanks, they are likely to respond with a much greater increase in your magic.

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