Ralian Charioteers
Ralian Charioteers


Random Event

Notable Rewards Kero Fin Ice
Ralian Jewelry

As fraught with danger as the lands are, even distant heroes make the pilgrimage to Orlanth's origins...

Event Dialogue

A strange group of travellers has arrived in your tula, riding old-fashioned chariots.  Their speech is unintelligible, but they gave the Orlanth greeting.  By using the Trader's Talk used by Issaries priests, they manage to convey that they are travelers from distant Ralios.  As near as you can make out, they're on a quest to Orlanth's "starting point."
  1. Ask them for new myths.
  2. Drive them off.
  3. Give gifts to visiting heroes.
  4. Give them hospitality.
  5. "The Lightbringers Quest began at the Hill of Orlanth Victorious, but we don't know where it is."
  6. Send warriors and interpreters to aid them on their quest.
  7. Tell them about Kero Fin, Orlanth's birthplace.

King of Dragon Pass


Note:  Before you do other options you should pick Option 7.  This will give you one treasureKero Fin Ice.  You will then be able to choose from the first six options.

  • When you ask for new myths you will find that many of the Ralian tales are substantially different from those of Heortland. This is a good indication how the stories and myths (as well as the heroquests of the gods) differ in other parts of the world. This option will cost you magic and the charioteers will depart.
  • Driving them off may seem like a good idea, though you are missing out on the chance for two treasures. 
  • If you give gifts or give hospitality your people will think well of the clan ring for being generous to fellow Orlanth worshippers. Don't be surprised if goods or a cow disappear after their visit.
  • By speaking of the Hill of Orlanth Victorious the Ralians will be excited since they are getting close to their goal.  You will then be given a chance to perform a divination (whether to Lhankor Mhy or Orlanth to find the place.  A wise leader will ask for payment before the divination and garner the treasureRalian Jewelry.
  • Sending warriors and interpreters may be a good idea for the pious but costs you in the long run. The Ralians travel far and wide and you won't know the fate of your people ... until their spirits end up in the Halls of the Dead.
  • By speaking of Kero Fin you get access to the treasure Kero Fin Ice.



If you wish to get both treasures from this event, go with Option 7, to earn the Kero Fin Ice, then ask for payment for a divination in Option 5 (which will earn the Ralian Jewelry.

Also, it appears this event only occurs after you form a tribe.

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