Rebellion: Traitor Confrontation


Chain Event

Requires Tribe
Previous Monarch's Misrule or
Tribal Dissension
Next Abdication/Overthrow of Monarch or
Rebellion II: Call to Arms

This branch may come up if you sided with your monarch in King's/Queen's Misrule or Tribal Dissension.

Right or wrong, you stayed loyal to the gods' chosen monarch.  Of course, this is still no guarantee of victory.

Event Dialogue

You told the king/queen that you would help make war against the rebel clans.  The time has come to make good on that promise.  # clans join your clan and the royal clan for the battle.  The king/queen asks us what we think we should do.
  1. "Attack them by surprise."
  2. "Fight an honest, straightforward battle."
  3. "Give the rebels one last chance to surrender."
  4. "There are too many of them.  The king/queen should abdicate."
  5. "There are too many of them.  We're joining the winning side."

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  There is a variant of this that comes up if your clan holds the kingship.  You are given the same choices, it is just the introductory text is slightly different.  It will be put up when encountered.


If the event goes to combat, then a victory by the king/queen improves the tribe's mood.  A defeat will lead to the choosing of a new king/queen.

  • If you are outnumbered, or wish to be clever, you may wish to attack by surprise.  Realize the more honor-bound (or thick-headed) loyalist clans may refuse to help with such underhanded dealings.  However, if you do go forward, your chances of success are better.
  • Fighting an honest battle will satisfy the Orlanthi's sense of honor, though may not be the best choice.  The king/queen will then ask you what contribution you wish to give, or you can have the monarch decide:  commit as little as possible, volunteer for an assignment that is of medium risk, offer to provide magical aid, or spearhead the attack.  The greater the risk, the greater the reward if you win, but the greater the loss in defeat.
  • Giving the rebels a chance to surrender is the last chance to resolve things peacefully.  A great speaker can lead the way to peace, while failure will ensure drawn battle lines.
  • If the rebels outnumber you, and you don't wish to fight a losing battle, you can try to convince the king/queen to abdicate.  Success leads to the election of a new monarch, but failure guarantees conflict.
  • It is nice to be on the winning side, and if the rebels are numerous, then you should switch allegiance.  Needless to say, if the monarch wins the battle, you won't be in good shape.


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