Rebellion II: Call to Arms


Chain Event

Previous Conspiracy,
Monarch's Misrule,
Call for Abdication,
Traitor Confrontation
Next Unknown

Now that your rebellion has gathered steam, it is now time to call everyone to arms.  However, it isn't too late to try for peace if such is your inclination.

Event Dialogue

You have promised other clans dissatisfied with the king's/queen's rule that you will help them battle against him/her.  That time has come, and now you will gather your forces with those rebel clans.  There are <#> rebel clans, and <#> clans loyal to the king/queen.  The king/queen has also recruited mercenaries, and weaponthanes of clans outside the tribe to help him/her.  What do you recommend to the other clans?
  1. Ask Orlanth if he approves of our actions.
  2. Fight an honest, straightforward battle.
  3. Give the king/queen one last chance to surrender.
  4. Make peace with the king/queen and avert this war.
  5. Sneak into the king's/queen's camp and kill him by stealth.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Orlanth's approval has a big impact on your possible victory of defeat, although you can still win even if Orlanth doesn't approve your actions. 
  • Most clans would desire an honest, straightforward battle, especially if your forces outnumber those of the monarch. 
  • Giving the monarch a chance to surrender, or making peace with the monarch primarily depend on your persuasion skills, although the size of the clans behind you definitely play a role.  Be aware that making peace is much easier than asking the king/queen to surrender.  Success will have you averting the war, and going to pick a new king/queen.
  • The main reason to sneak into the monarch's camp and kill him/her should only be considered if your forces are seriously outnumbered.  If you succeed in this action, other clans, even ones nominally on your side, may take a great dislike with you for such dishonorable tactics...something only bad King Urgrain would do.

Unless battle is averted, the next event will be the actual combat between tribe-mates.

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