Only the most blind would fail to look at the night sky; portents of the future may reveal themselves therein.

Red Moon, Black Scars
Red moon black scars
Red sky in the morning...


Scripted Event

Event Dialogue

Normally, good Orlanthi try to avoid looking at the chaotic red moon that hangs in the northern sky. But one night your holy people notice that great, black scars have appeared on its surface. This means something of great import, surely.

  1. Do nothing; the moon is not our concern.
  2. Increase patrols.
  3. Sacrifice to Urox, foe of Chaos.
  4. Use magical divination to understand what is happening.
  5. Warn nearby clans of supernatural menace.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Doing nothing is the default response.  It certainly is possible for nothing to trouble your clan but lack of action lowers your clan's morale.
  • Increasing patrols improves the readiness of your clan as well as improving their morale.
  • A divination is always a good idea in cases like these.
    • If successful it may tell you that a great, terrible horseman has ridden to the moon and he is destroying the Lunar servants of Chaos. Which is a good thing.
    • Or it may tell you that Lunars are readying their forces on the moon to launch an assault against the peoples of Dragon Pass. Which is not so good.
  • Warning nearby clans will increase your reputation with them.
  • A successful sacrifice to Urox will protect your tula from chaos.

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