Refunding the Trollkin
Refund trollkin


Chain Event

Previous Grain-eating Trollkin
Troublesome Trollkin

If you previously sold the Grain-eating Trollkin or the Troublesome Trollkin to another clan, carls from that clan may come to your tula, demanding you refund the troublesome trollkin, and compensation for the damage they caused.

Event Dialogue

Carls from the <X> clan, to whom you sold the trollkin you found in your grainbins, return demanding not only a refund of the <#> cows worth of goods they traded for them, but compensation of <#> for the damage they have done to the <X clan> livestock and property since you sold them.

  1. Pay both the refund and compensation.
  2. Refund the price.
  3. "If you cannot control your thralls, that is not our legal responsibility."
  4. "Sacrifice the things; you'll get more from the gods than from us."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you decide to kill/sacrifice the trollkin, the ire of trolls in general will increase. (verification needed)
  • If you decide to sacrifice them to a deity, then any god/goddess willingly accepts the offering.  The mere act of buying/selling the trollkin gives them a value they didn't have when they raided your grain. Eurmal, in particular, will appreciate the sacrifice and give you magic.