Renewed Hostilities
Renewed Hostilities


Chain Event

Previous Tribal Peace Negotiations
Next Repeats Tribal War or
Tribal Peace Negotiations

This is one branching point from Tribal Peace Negotiations.

For a short time, you brought about a period of peace.  However, the two tribes who forced your involvement are now testing your resolve.

Event Dialogue

The <Y> and <X> tribes are fighting again, despite the fact that you promised to enforce peace between the tribes at swordpoint.  You said that you'd band together with the defender in any new fighting to make war on the aggressor.  Naturally, each king blames the other for starting this latest round of skirmishing.
  1.   Conduct a divination to see who is at fault.
  2.   Join with the <X> tribe to make war on the <Y> tribe.
  3.   Join with the <Y> tribe to make war on the <X> tribe.
  4.   Repeat your previous threat.
  5.   Seek impartial witnesses to see who started it.
  6.   Try to broker a different kind of peace between them.
  7.   Wash your hands of the whole affair.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Conducting a divination will reveal two possible outcomes.  Either the magic fails, and you won't find the responsible party.  However, success reveals both monarch are equally guilty, so you might as well save your magic and choose another option.
  • Seeking impartial witnesses proves rather ineffective.  You may not locate any witnesses, or you may get so many witnesses, essentially taking one side or the other. 
  • Repeating your previous threat is a waste of words.  This event will repeat itself.  While unconfirmed, it is possible your reputation will drop with both tribes for the lack of action.
  • You may desire to wash your hands of the whole affair, but you will find this accomplishes little as well.  You will see a repeat of Tribal War.
  • If it is your preference, you can join forces with <X> or <Y>, and wage war on their opposite number.  This will lead you to Day of Battle (Tribe at War).  Additionally, the original source of conflict, Tribal War will repeat itself with the added problem that whoever you fought will be that much tougher to persuade. 
  • Brokering a different kind of peace is probably the best choice, as it can help lead to the end game events.  Picking this choice leads you back to Tribal Peace Negotiations.

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