Replacement Husbands Sought


Random Event

As the men tend to be the ones associated with battle, it should be no surprise when excessive war leads to a dearth of available men.  In such circumstances, it should be no shock the women are upset...

Event Dialogue

Led by <X>, a respected carl, the women of the clan reproach the ring for costly blunders.  Battles and raids, even victorious raids, have killed so many husbands and sons that the women do not know how they will raise their families.  "We have taken care of our homes and our fields.  You have not taken care of our husbands," says <X>.  "If things do not improve, we may have to return to our original clans, much as we hate that idea."
  1. Arrange suitable marriages with surviving bachelors.
  2. Ask the women to be patient.
  3. Authorize women to temporarily form joint households.
  4. "Just be thankful that we've kept you and your children safe." 
  5. Send <ring member> to the Holy Country seeking former kinsmen.
  6. Sponsor a Marriage Contest to draw men from other clans.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Arranging marriages with surviving bachelors only works if there are enough single men around.  If there aren't, then expect another visit from the women. 
  • Success can buy you time if you ask the women to be patient.  However, you will only have a short amount of time before the women bother you again.  One possible option is to recruit more people from elsewhere, though some of them will already be married as well.
  • By and large, the women prefer to have husbands, not each other, so even if you successfully persuade the women, authorizing joint households is temorary at best before the women air their concerns once more.
  • You would have to be very convincing to have the women to quiet down if you tell them "Be thankful we've kept you and your children safe."
  • Sending a <Ring member> to the Holy Country may work, but you don't know how many men will come back. 
  • Sponsoring a Marriage Contest could quickly supplement your ranks, but there is no guarantee the women will like the men there.  Additionally, other clans may take a dim view with you essentially luring their own bachelors away.

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