Reputation is a general measure of just how others view you.  There are three general measurements of reputation. 

  • The first is how other clans perceive you.  Those who like you have a purple color, while dislike appears pink.  The brighter the shade, the greater the reaction.  Additionally, allies are a solid blue color, while those you are feuding with are a solid red.
  • The second is a measure of how your farmers feel.  If they are pleased, they work harder, and produce more.  If they are angry with the clan, though, they can stop producing food, or even leave.
  • The third is how your warriors/weaponthanes feel.  The better the reaction, the harder they fight for you, and certainly can be enough to change the tide of battle.
  • Above the weaponthanes and farmers, is a general representation of the clan mood.  It is certainly possible for the weaponthanes or farmers to be angry, but the rest of the clan can be in a good mood. 

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