Rescue My Daughter


Random Event

Happens when Feuding with another clan

When you are in a feud with another clan then even the children of the clan chief are a target ...

Event Dialogue

<X clan> warriors kidnap <Y>, daughter of the chief, and take her back to their tula.
  1. Hire mercenaries to rescue <X>
  2. Make peace with the <X> clan
  3. Ransom her
  4. Send a war party to rescue <Y>
  5. Take no action

King of Dragon Pass


The choices are quite clear on whether you try to get your daughter back or not.  

  • If you send mercenaries (which costs goods) or your own war party they may face failure if the other clan puts up a staunch resistance. 
  • If you try to make peace the other clan may not listen to your entreaties. 
  • If you try to ransom her the cost may be so high that it could be detrimental to the clan.
  • If you are unable to ransom the daughter, rescue her or choose to take no action then the other clan will raise her as one of their own.
  • Be aware that a failed rescue or just leaving the girl may lower the morale of the clan as the members realize the ring members may not come to their aid when necessary.

Note: This event usually occurs only when you are in a feud with another clan. If you have decent relations with your neighbors then they don't need to sink to this level. If you accept annual tribute from a clan you are feuding with this event can still occur. Launching a raid to rescue the daughter will break your oath of peace with the other clan and you will lose clan magic.

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