Resurrection Request
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Random Event

Requires Chalana Arroy's Resurrection blessing

Life can be a constant struggle in Dragon Pass, and frequently the cost is one's own life.  However, death need not be one way.

Event Dialogue

Weeping thanes of the <X> clan bring their chieftain before you, dead.  "You have a temple to Chalana Arroy, and thus your priestesses can on occasion bring the dead back to life.  We implore you to do so for our chiefain, laid low by vengeful minotaurs."  They offer you fifty cows in exchange for performing this great magic.
  1. Accept their offer
  2. Ask for higher compensation
  3. Perform the ritual, asking nothing in return
  4. Perform the ritual in exchange for an alliance between your clans
  5. Refuse them

King of Dragon Pass

Note: There is a minor variation in this event.  If you are feuding with the clan asking you for your aid, an option will appear that in exchanging bringing their chieftain back to life, the clan settle their feud with you.


  • The biggest consequence is that even if you agree to perform the ritual, the resurrection can still fail, although the clan asking for your help will keep their end of the bargain (whether paying you in cows, forming an alliance, etc.)
  • Success or failure will cost your clan magic, though. 
  • Refusing to help (or charging higher compensation) can lower the opinion of the <X clan> has of you.


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