Ring Member's Death by Old Injury
Kings death chaos


Random Event

Sometimes, even wounds from the past are sufficient to bring down the strongest people...

Event Dialogue

The clan ring gathers around <X>, who has been struck down again by an old injury.  The healers say that the wound never fully healed, and that this time it will take her/his life.  <X> faces death bravely, saying that she knows her time has come.  She/he chants a death poem that she wants remembered by the clan, the lapses into unconsciousness.  Later that night he/she dies.
  1. Declare a private period of mourning.
  2. Sacrifice to Orlanth in honor of <X>.
  3. Send emissaries to other clans to recite <X>'s poem.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Having a period of private mourning or sacrificing to Orlanth will strengthen the clan's mood.  The sacrifice may have a greater effect, but there is also a greater chance of failure.
  • Reciting <X>'s poem will increase your clan magic as the other clans gather in remembrance.

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