Orlanthi are a passionate people, and won't let a little thing like distance prevent them from getting their feud on.

Event Dialogue

The warriors of the <X> clan have massed along your boundaries. They demand safe passage through your tula so they can attack the <Y> tula by surprise. They have long been feuding with the <Y clan>, but the conflict has recently been aggravated by the killing of <X clan> horses, which the <X clan> blame on the <Y clan>.

  1. Allow them to travel through your lands.
  2. Drive them off.
  3. Offer to make peace between the feuding clans.
  4. "Please do not involve us in your feud."
  5. Refuse them.
  6. Offer to help them.

Note: Sometimes, the option of making peace between the two clans may not appear, the dissapearance of this option is maybe caused if you are yourself feuding with the requesting clan.


There are a lot of ways this can be resolved. 

  • It is possible to bring peace between the two warring clans, but it can fail just as easily. 
  • Asking them to not involve you in their feud may lead to them backing off, or else they may insist.
  • If you allow the clan passage, their victims may blame you for the violence they suffered.
  • If you refuse passage, the visiting clan will grow more displeased with you.   They usually leave, but they may decide to force their way through your tula
  • If you fight the visitors, then lives can be lost on both sides, and relations obviously suffer. 
  • If you ask to aid them, you may be invited along, or else the clan says vengeance is theirs alone.

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