Salmon Rite


Random Event

It should be no surprise that among the Orlanthi, there are born and bred fishermen as well.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a stranger from afar, needs help with a bold plan.  He proposes to perform the Salmon Rite, and bring that fish back to your waterways.  In order to perform the rite, he will have to swim from the ocean and leap the falls.  To succeed, he requires the ritual backing of an entire clan.
  1. Do as <X> asks
  2. Offer to recruit other clans to share the magical burden of support.
  3. Refuse <X>.  It's a silly idea.
  4. Refuse <X>.  It's too risky.
  5. Try to perform the rite without <X>

King of Dragon Pass


  • Simple refusal just leaves the matter alone.
  • Success or failure is a matter of chance, though <X> seems to have a better chance of success.
  • The amount of magic your clan donates influences the amount of salmon you receive if the ritual is successful.  If you bore the magic cost alone, you get enough salmon to feed 100 people, while sharing the cost with other clans nets you enough salmon to feed 33 people.
  • Success also increases profit of your trading markets.


Even if you succeed with the ritual, it will take one full year for its effects to be shown.

Also, this event seemed to only occur in the Sea Season, though it may happen elsewhen.

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