Saraska I: Queen of Kings


Chain Event

Next Tribal Moot
Clan Support or
Tribal Persuasion

The Orlanthi have a lot of faith in prophecies, but prophecies, vague as they are, can also be misread...

Event Dialogue

A woman whose insignia corresponds to no local clan comes to you with a proposal. "I am Saraska Bright-Eyes, and it has been prophesied that I will unite the tribes and make this the land called Saraska. I will be Queen of the Kings, the Peaceful Hero, the Great Uniter. I know that your people helped make a tribe when there were only clans, so I now seek your aid in making a kingdom where there are only tribes." She concludes with an impromptu ritual asking the gods to favor us and her plan.
  1. Conduct a divination.
  2. Receive her politely, but promise nothing.
  3. "Come back when you've won the support of other clans."
  4. Agree to speak to the king/queen of the <X tribe> on her behalf.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Conducting a divination (-1 magic) is always a good idea; your ancestors will tell you if she is the woman the prophecies speak of or not, which may influence your choice.
  • A wait and see attitude, receiving Saraska politely, but promising nothing is probably the most neutral path. This leads to Saraska II: Moot.
  • The most cautious path, you can wait until Saraska has clan support. This leads to Saraska II: Clan Support.
  • The most decisive action, you can certainly go all in by speaking to another tribe to join yours in supporting Saraska. This leads to Saraska II: Tribal Persuasion.


  • So bright shining were her eyes, that her brow was star-limned.  -- Poetic Ring Member

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