Saraska II: Clan Support


Chain Event

Previous Queen of Kings

Next Tribal War Threat,
War of Unity,
Tribal Persuasion or

This is one branch from Saraska I: Queen of Kings.

You told Saraska not to come back until she has the support of the other clans in your tribe.  Unsurprisingly, the determined woman has succeeded.

Event Dialogue

Saraska Bright-Eyes appears at the moot.  Since you last saw her, she has secured the support of other clans in your tribe who now sponsor her request to speak before the moot. You can assume that she will argue for a unification of the tribes,with her as Queen of Dragon Pass.
  1. "It is not the right time for a kingdom."
  2. "Saraska is not the right candidate."
  3. "Saraska's plan has both advantages and disadvantages."
  4. "She should undergo a test to prove the strength of her magic."
  5. "We must make Saraska's kingdom"

King of Dragon Pass


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