Saraska II: Moot


Chain Event

Previous Queen of Kings
Next Tribal War Threat,
Bandit or

Usually, tribal moots are for internal discussions between the clans of a single tribe. So when Saraska and another tribe's monarch show up at your moot, everyone has cause to be surprised.

Event Dialogue

<X>, king/queen of the <Y tribe>, come to your tribal moot. Accompanying him is Saraska Bright-Eyes, the woman who says that prophecies make her future queen of a great Orlanthi nation in Dragon Pass.
  1. Give gifts to other clans, warn them against <X> and Saraska.
  2. Let it be known that you are willing to receive gifts from <X>.
  3. Take him/her aside and warn him/her against Saraska Bright-Eyes.
  4. Take Saraska aside and warn her against <X>.
  5. Forbid him to address the moot.
  6. Wait and see what happens.

King of Dragon Pass


The divination you performed during the previous event might influence your choices here. Following what your divination said will increase your clan magic.

  • Giving gifts and warning your tribemates against Saraska will lead you to two choices: Arguing against Saraska, or staying neutral, seeing both good and bad in the plan.
  • Receiving gifts from <X> will net you a few goods, and shows that you support him. Then, you will be able to argue for Saraska's plan, against it, or choose to stay impartial, saying there is good and bad.
  • Warning the other king about Saraska will have two possible consequences: either you will manage to get him/her on your side which will lead you to Saraska III: Bandit, and if you fail to persuade him, you will then be asked to choose whether to argue for Saraska, against her, or say there is good and bad and let your tribe decide.
  • Warning Saraska won't make a difference, and the event will proceed, asking you to choose whether to argue against her, for her or weigh the good an the bad.
  • Forbidding the other king to address the moot will cause tensions between your two clans and lead you to Saraska III: Tribal War Threat.
  • If you wait and see, you will get the options to argue for Saraska, argue against her, or weighing the good and bad of her plan.

Depending on what you choose you may be led to some of these second choices:

Quest Chain

Queen of Kings
Clan Support
Lone Stand
Tribal War Threat
Tribal Persuasion
Tribe Unconvinced
War of Unity
First Strike
War for the Kingdom
Crown Test
Fitness to Rule

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