Saraska II: Tribal Persuasion


Chain Event

Previous Queen of Kings,
Clan Support
Next First Strike or
Crown Test

You decided to go all in with Saraska.  Even if the divination says she isn't the chosen one, history can be made if you have sufficient strength of will...

Event Dialogue

You accompany Saraska to speak to <X>, king/queen of the <Y tribe>.  Your tribe is willing to join his/her tribe in order to bring about the prophesied kingdom Saraska will bring about in the region. 

1.  "If you don't join the new kingdom, we'll make war on you."
2.  "In the new kingdom, your tribe will be almost as important as ours."
3.  "Saraska's magic is strong."
4.  "You are the mightiest queen/king in Dragon Pass, so we came to you first."
5.  "You can't fight the prophecies."

King of Dragon Pass



Essentially, you are trying to get the other monarch to support you and Saraska.  However, as the other person is a king/queen in their own right, you may wish to keep your ego in check.

  • Threatening to make war if <Y> doesn't join you, is almost guaranteed to make them oppose you with all their strength.
  • Stating <X>'s tribe will be almost as important as yours in the new kingdom is also a good way to make them oppose you.
  • If you point out how strong Saraska's magic is makes for a good bargaining point to get <X> to join your side.
  • The other monarch will recognize the false flattery if you call them the mightiest king/queen, but they will still be inclined to join your side.
  • Predictions are strange things, and <X> is likely to side with you if they believe they can't fight the prophecies.

Options 1 and 2 lead to Saraska III: First Strike

Options 3, 4, and 5 lead to Saraska III: Crown Test

Quest Chain

Queen of Kings
Clan Support
Lone Stand
Tribal War Threat
Tribal Persuasion
Tribe Unconvinced
War of Unity
First Strike
War for the Kingdom
Crown Test
Fitness to Rule

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