Saraska III: Bandit


Chain Event

Previous Moot,
Clan Support,
Tribal War Threat,
Unity, or
Next End of Chain

Saraska's dreams of glory have ended in shambles.  However, rather than fading quietly, she has taken up a life of banditry, still possessing the hopeless desire to become high queen...

Event Dialogue

Your traders are pursued by bandits will traveling between tulas.  The leader of the bandits is the self-styled future Queen of Dragon Pass, Saraska, now reduced to brigandage.  The traders escaped unharmed, but lost some goods while fleeing.
  1. Ignore her.
  2. Offer her tribute if she goes away.
  3. Send a war party to drive her bandits off.
  4. Send a war party to kill Saraska.
  5. Threaten her with death if she does not halt her banditry.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Realize that if you do nothing to Saraska, she will keep returning to harass you.  Even if you threaten her, bribe her, or try to drive her off, she will still return (though those options will be gone).
  • Essentially, you will have to kill her.

Quest Chain

Queen of Kings
Clan Support
Lone Stand
Tribal War Threat
Tribal Persuasion
Tribe Unconvinced
War of Unity
First Strike
War for the Kingdom
Crown Test
Fitness to Rule

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