Saraska III: First Strike


Chain Event

Previous Tribal Persuasion
Next End of Chain

Your attempts to unify the other tribes have met with failure...and now one king/queen aims to make sure you don't get a second try.

Event Dialogue

<X tribe> surprised you with an attack on your tribal hall.  The object of their attack is clearly Saraska; despite the prophecies, they want to destroy her kingdom before it is born.  The clans of your tribe rush to meet them on the battlefield.  There is no time for an orderly plan of battle. 
  1. Fight as honor demands, no less and no more.
  2. Fight cautiously.
  3. Fight without quarter.
  4. Argue for surrender.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Even if you wish to surrender, Saraska and the other clans won't let a surprise attack go unanswered.  You end up having to make a decision on how to fight.
  • Fighting as honor demands is the middle ground.  You face a chance of greater loss than being cautious, but your tribe-mates won't think less of you for your spirit.
  • Fighting cautiously is the choice to make if you want to save as many of your people as you can, but many of your other tribe-mates may see you as cowardly.
  • Fighting without quarter garners you the most glory, but can also cost you the most in losses.

No matter how well you fight, though, Saraska is going down, and the rest of your tribe-mates have a yearning for revenge against their attackers.

Quest Chain

Queen of Kings
Clan Support
Lone Stand
Tribal War Threat
Tribal Persuasion
Tribe Unconvinced
War of Unity
First Strike
War for the Kingdom
Crown Test
Fitness to Rule

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