Saraska III: Tribal War Threat


Chain Event

Previous Moot
Clan Support
Next Unity,
War of Unity or

Sometimes, to stand apart from one's clan and tribe is the most courageous stand one can make.

Event Dialogue

<X>, an Ernalda priestess of the <X> tribe, comes to report that her tribe is plotting war against ours. "This Saraska, who claims divine sanction in her quest to make a kingdom, has convinced our king that conquest is the only way. There is always another way, and I beseech you to help find it."

  1. Ally with King <Y> and support Saraska's cause.
  2. Confront King <Y> with your knowledge of his plans.
  3. Make war on them before they make war on you.
  4. Prepare for a <X tribe> attack.
  5. Wait for further developments.

King of Dragon Pass


If you've gotten to this point, you probably had a divination during the first event that told you that Saraska is not the woman the prophecies speak of.

  • If you decide to support Saraska and the king of the other tribe, you will go to Saraska IV: Unity
  • If you don't want to be attacked, but don't want to support Saraska's cause either, the best course of action would probably be to confront the king. He may come to his senses and realize that most of his tribe doesn't support her either, and dismiss her, too. In this case she may reappear in Saraska III: Bandit.
  • Jumping the gun and making war on them before they attack you will send you to Saraska V: War of Unity Dialogue 3.
  • Preparing for the attack will send you to Saraska V: War of Unity Dialogue 2.
  • Waiting will accomplish nothing, least of all prevent a tribal war. The next event will be Saraska V: War of Unity Dialogue 1.

Quest Chain

Queen of Kings
Clan Support
Lone Stand
Tribal War Threat
Tribal Persuasion
Tribe Unconvinced
War of Unity
First Strike
War for the Kingdom
Crown Test
Fitness to Rule

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