Saraska IV: Acceptance


Chain Event

Previous Moot
Next Crown Test,
Tribe Unconvinced or

Your efforts to unite all the tribes into one kingdom haven't met with the success one would hope for.  You still have a chance to assist Saraska along her destiny.

Event Dialogue

As the clan chosen to supply delegates to the <X tribe> moot, it is up to you to decide how to convince them to accept Saraska and her plan to amalgamate the tribes.  The mood of the <X> does not seem receptive.
  1. "A central authority will make our laws enforceable.
  2. "A kingdom will bring prosperity."
  3. "In a kingdom, our cows will be safe from raiding."
  4. "Saraska is a great leader."
  5. "Saraska's magic will carry us all to greatness."

King of Dragon Pass


Some options may have a greater chance of success than others on persuasion.

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