Saraska IV: Tribe Unconvinced


Chain Event

Previous Acceptance
Next Bandit, or
End of Chain

Saraska's attempts to unify the other tribes of Dragon Pass has born little fruit other than your own support.  You have one last chance to convine another king/queen to support you.

Event Dialogue:  Unconvinced

<X> denounces you, and condemns Saraska.  "It was a mistake to ever think that this grand kingdom of yours could ever be!  Dragon Pass is too young and rough to ever support such a thing! I don't think there will ever be a kingdom here.  Saraska, the prophecies you cite are either false, or you misinterpreted them.  The <Y tribe> will never aid you.  In fact, we will fight you if you do not abandon this foolish crusade, for its time has not come.
  1. Ask <X> to reconsider.
  2. Convince Saraska to make war on the <Y>.
  3. Tell Saraska to prove her magic.
  4. Withdraw your support for Saraska.
  5. Without condeming Saraska, go about your normal business.

King of Dragon Pass


  • <X> won't reconsider (Option 1), so you will go back to the option list.

Options 3, 4, and 5 will lead to Saraska's dismissal/shame and finishes her arc in Saraska III: Bandit.

Option 2 continues with the next event:

Event Dialogue: War for the Kingdom

It is time to fight for Saraska's kingdom.  Among the other clans of your tribe, you take the field against the <Y>.
  1. Fight as honor demands, no less and no more.
  2. Fight cautiously.
  3. Fight without quarter.
  4. Sacrifice to the war gods before battle begins.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Successfully sacrificing to the war gods will allow grant greater strength and endurance to your warriors, not to mention survivability.  Failure makes your warriors more vulnerable.
  • The middle path, fighting as honor demands is the middle path between gaining glory and having your warriors survive.  The other clans will have nothing to say about your fighting ability.
  • Fighting cautiously keeps the greatest number of warriors alive, but lowers your reputation with the other clans in your tribe.
  • Fighting without quarter inflicts the greatest loss of your warriors, but it also means you fight longer, and for more glory. The other clans of your tribe will increase their respect for you.

Note:  No matter what you choose in this conflict, Saraska's days are numbered. 

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