Clan Leaving Tribe


Random Event

Requires Tribe
Poor relations with allied clan

It is a fact of life that where there are winners, there are also losers... and one of the clans of your tribe has come out on the losing end one time too many.  What makes their withdrawal even worse is they were also close-knit allies.

Event Dialogue

At a tribal moot, the <X> clan, our supposed allies, make a startling announcement.  They say that their alliance with us is over, and that they are leaving the tribe. "Too many times have we been passed over, shouted down, and dishonored.  The <Your Clan> have played a particular role in this, when they should have been our defenders.  We lose more than we win in this tribe, and would be fools to remain within it."
  1. "Good riddance to bad cabbage!"
  2. Offer them gifts if they will stay.
  3. Persuade them that it is in their best interests to remain.
  4. Threaten them with raids if they leave.
  5. Wish them well.

King of Dragon Pass


Depending on how it turns out, you may very well lose a clan from your tribe.  However, the alliance you had with the <X> is definitely gone.

  • If you view the separatists as ingrates, then bid "Good riddance to bad cabbage!" The dissatisfied clan leaves, and relations definitely worsen.
  • With a proper amount of gifts, the <X> may decide to stay in the tribe.  If you wish for this outcome, don't be stingy on the gifts.
  • If your words are golden, you may convince the <X> to remain in the tribe.  Bribery may be easier than this course.
  • While violence can 'persuade' others to see things your way, threatening the <X> with raids is likely to fail, and anger them as well, maybe even creating a feud in the process.
  • If you are unable, or unwilling to keep the <X> in your tribe, then wishing them well may be the best choice.  You will stay remain on cordial terms, even as they leave.


Don't be surprised if the <X> don't join another tribe after this.

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