Secret Murder: Chieftain Assassinated
Secret murder


Chain Event

Requires Tribe
Previous Anti-Royalty Sentiment
Next Rebellion I: Conspiracy

This is a continuation from Paranoid King/Queen: Anti-Royalty Sentiment.

In the course of a game, your clan can make many enemies, and they can strike unexpectedly.  Unfortunately, your clan chief now pays the price.

Event Dialogue

<Clan Chieftain> is found dead, lying face down in a creekbed.  No one heard or saw the killing.  She was stabbed many times with a sword.  The people are very upset to see a member of their ring brought down in such an ignominious fashion.  Some say it was bandits who must have done it.  Others point to the <Y Clan>, who have many disputes with you.  A few point to the king/queen, who was recently offended by <Clan Chieftain>'s openly held anti-royal sentiments.
  1. Blame bandits.
  2. Blame the <Y> clan.
  3. Blame the king.
  4. Conduct a divination.
  5. Hold a normal funeral for <Clan Chieftain>.
  6. Hold an especially lavish funeral feast for <Clan Chieftain>.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Your chieftain is dead by the order of your tribe's king/queen.  However, for proof, you should conduct a divination.  Success will confirm your monarch's guilt, failure will keep the responsible party unknown.
  • If you do nothing to avenge the chief, your clan will grow angry at the thought their leader can be slain with impunity.  However, you may not wish to clash with your king/queen, so you could always blame banditsYou can then send out your warriors to fight any bandits they find, though it is possible you won't find anyone at all. 
  • Much as with the bandits, your clan wants justice for their slain chief, but you may not be able to move against your king/queen.  However, you could always blame the <Y clan> (this will usually be the clan you have the worst relations with).  You will then be given an option to raid them or not.  Taking no action will worsen your clan's morale even more.
  • If you have the courage, (and hopefully a divination to back you up), you can then blame the king/queen.  Then, you will have a few more options to choose including letting the situation stand as it is, or try to persuade other clans to ally with you and overthrow the king/queen.
  • Holding a normal funeral for the chieftain is the choice to make if you don't wish to rock the boat further.  It will bring solace to the clan
  • Holding a lavish funeral for the chieftain will please the tribe for the remembrance of its chief.  Additionally, your magic may increase by a point or two.


  • Rememeber, your chieftain is dead, so you should choose a replacement.
  • If you decide to blame the king/queen, you may wish to overthrow them.  This will lead you to the eventRebellion I: Conspiracy.

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