Even within the land you claim, there are others who can contest your power.

Shaman Bandit Ambush
Shaman ambush


Exploration Event

Area Anywhere, usually near the Tula

Event Dialogue

While exploring in the <direction>, your exploration party is attacked by a bandit gang led by a powerful shaman named <X>. He captures a member of the party and demands an outrageous ransom of <#> cows worth of goods for the explorer <Y>, who is a carl.

  1. Let <X> keep <Y>.
  2. Offer five cows for his return.
  3. Pay what <X> asks.
  4. Recruit warriors from other clans to join a war party against <X>.
  5. Seek the blessings of your clan spirits before fighting the shaman.
  6. Send a war party to liberate <Y>.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Sending a war party out to liberate your carl is a risky proposition.  There are very good odds the shaman's magic will overwhelm your war party, resulting in the death of the leader, and other warriors.  Success will save the captured member.
  • If you still seek to a military solution, then sacrificing to the clan spirits or recruiting the help of your neighbors tilts the odds in your favor.  However, the enemy shaman may still win even with greater aid.
  • Offering 5 cows may have a chance to work, especially if you have a master trader on the ring.  However, you may also loose a few people in the process as the shaman doesn't feel like bargaining.
  • Letting the shaman keep your carl will hurt your clan mood.
  • Paying what the shaman wants is the safest course of action, though your warriors will feel slighted at this choice.

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