Sheep are an important herd animal to the Orlanthi, though not as desired as cattle are.  Within the game, sheep
serve three primary reasons:
  • Sacrifices to temples/shrines.
  • Trade goods.  (Crafters will make trade goods from the wool of your sheep).
  • Source of meat

You can also increase the value of your sheep, especially if you get the Silver Sheep treasure.

Occasionally, you may have too many sheep.  If that is the case, you may consider slaughtering them for food.  However, be careful if you do so.  It takes a long time for a sheep herd to get replenished.

Normally, you don't need to worry about the size of your sheep herds, but you may suddenly find the population  dropping.  This may be a result of disease/raiding, but it  likely is the number of sacrifices you make to temples/shrines.  While other animals and goods are used as offerings, usually is the largest sacrifice.

There are ways to increase your sheep population, though.  


  • Performing herd rituals during Sacred Time. This will increase the fertility of your sheep, creating more lambs. If you have a devotee of Uralda on the clan ring, you can spend more magic on herds during Sacred Time.
  • Disband Temples/Shrines. Barring any outside circumstances, the sheep bear the bulk of temple/shrine sacrifices.  If that is the case, you may wish to downgrade/disband some of your temples/shrines. 
  • Treasure.  If you possess the Alynx Log treasure, it will help increase the size of your herd (by primarily keeping other predators away).
  • Increase pasture land.  If your sheep herd is dying of starvation, you may wish to increase the amount of pasture land around your tula.  However, this does come at the expense of your wildlands.
  • Raiding. If your sheep herds are growing smaller, a successful raid may net you some sheep as well. However, you have no control over whether sheep are captured or not.
  • Eurmal's Blessing.  If you have a follower of Eurmal on your clan ring, you can then ask Eurmal for a blessing.  If successful, you can get 1 sheep for every five goods sacrificed to Eurmal. (So 50 goods will garner 10 sheep).  However, this is a very random way to rebuild one's herds.

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