Sheep Sickness
The herdsmen aren't to blame for this...


Random Event

Disease shouldn't be discounted just because it may miss a human host.  Destroy one's flocks, and you lose a good portion of trading goods and meat.

Event Dialogue

Many of the sheep are sick.  The carls are worried that the disease spirits will grow stronger and infest the healthy animals.  They figure that <#> sheep have the disease right now.
  1. Destroy the diseased animals.
  2. Sacrifice to Nevala, the sheep mother.
  3. Send for Nevala priestesses from other clans.
  4. Send for shamans to drive away the disease spirits.
  5. Separate the diseased sheep from the healthy ones.

King of Dragon Pass


Be aware that you will lose some sheep, no matter how effective the methods are, but you certainly can minimize the amount that die.

  • At the bare minimum, you will have to destroy the sheep.  However, your farmers will be displeased that you did little more to deal with the plague.
  • Sacrificing to Nevala can have mixed results.  Success will save a greater portion of your sheep, but you may very well fail since you don't have any dedicated priestesses of the sheep mother.
  • Nevala priestesses from another clan stand a better chance of success, though they will demand a certain amount for sacrificing, and their time.
  • Shamans can be effective, but they don't actually defeat the disease spirits, only redirect them.  Don't be surprised if some other clan doesn't appear and demands restitution from the shaman's actions.
  • Separating the diseased sheep from the healthy ones may decrease the number of sheep killed (representing a closer look), but there is no guarantee that will happen.

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