Sheep Stealers


Random Event

Happens when Banditry left unchecked
Next Broadening Prey

Life as an outlaw is difficult, and if it is death or starvation, one will do what they must to survive...

Event Dialogue

A young shepard reports the theft of several sheep.  From his description of the ragged-looking men, they are surely outlaws, men stripped of the protection of their clans.
  1. Do nothing.
  2. Drive off the outlaws.
  3. Hunt down and kill the outlaws.
  4. Pardon the outlaws, recruiting them as weaponthanes.
  5. Recompense the farmers.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you do nothing, you still lose sheep, and your carls will grow angry.  Additionally, if nothing is done, you may have further thefts in the future.
  • If you drive off the outlaws, they are not likely to come back, but that doesn't mean others may not appear.  If nothing else, you may consider increasing the number of patrols.
  • Killing the outlaws sends a strong message, but there is a chance your warriors will lose, suffering injury and possibly death.
  • If you are hard up for weaponthanes, you can recruit these guys.  However, they are pretty disreputable, and you may suffer otherwise for it.
  • The farmers will appreciate compensation, though that still doesn't stop the problem of outlaws and you may suffer another raid in the future.


  • If you recruit the outlaws as weaponthanes, it can lead to another event:  Sheep Stealers: Broadening Prey
  • This event may trigger if you haven't explored your tula much, rooting out bandits.

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