Sheep Stealers: Broadening Prey


Chain Event

Previous Sheep Stealers

There are many reasons for outlawing people, but most often it is for crimes against Orlanthi society.  The most recently recruited outlaws give a good reason why the ring may wish to be more careful who they allow into the clan in the future.

Event Dialogue

The outlaws you forgave have again shown their true colors.  They attack another of your young women, shaming her, and shaming your clan.  They claim that they are still innocent of any crime, on the grounds that they were once more possessed by spirits at the time.
  1. Declare them to have been possessed; compensate the victim.
  2. Outlaw them.
  3. Outlaw them; encourage victim's family to take vengeance.
  4. Outlaw them; have clan's war leader take vengeance.
  5. Test them for signs of spirit possession.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Victims of possession are considered innocent of their crimes normally.  On the other hand, inveterate outlaws may repeat their crimes.  Unless you can tell for sure they were possessed, or really, badly need the weaponthanes, you may wish to forgo this option.
  • Outlawing them is the simplest recourse, though the morale of your clan will be hit for allowing those men in to begin with.
  • When one is outlawed, that means they are fair game for all and sundry.  Victims, or their families can take vengeance, often with approval of the ring.  However, their quest for vengeance may fail, leading to further harm on the victim's family...and the clan ring will bear the blame for encouraging it.
  • Some crimes are beyond the pale, and if the ring feels this is the case, they can send their war leader out to take proper vengeance on the outlaws.  There is a possiblity the outaws will escape, or even win, but this option is probably the best one to both punish, and improve morale after the crime took place.
  • If you think the men truly were possessed (and it does happen more often than one thinks), then you can test them for signs of spirit possession.  Odds are good the verdict is true, whether true or false, though occasionally even the spirit-talkers can be wrong.

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