Silver Dragon Statue


Exploration Event

Happens when exploring the Dragonewt Wilds
Notable Rewards Silver Dragon

Event Dialogue

The exploration mission to the northwest has returned.  <X>, one of the weaponthanes you sent on that mission, reports that the area is full of dragonewts.  "We found one interesting place there.  Had a silver statue of a dragon, with gems for its eyes.  It must be very valuable.  Let's send a group there to steal it and bring it back."
  1. Compose a poem to commemorate <X>'s adventure
  2. Forget the incident
  3. Hire mercenaries to get the treasure for you
  4. Send a party to steal the statue
  5. Tell another clan about this opportunity

King of Dragon Pass


  • Your weaponthanes are eager to steal the statue, if you don't want to, composing a poem will help with their morale.
  • Forgetting the incident leads nowhere, and your people's morale will suffer a little.
  • Hiring mercenaries is risky, as they might decide to keep the statue for themselves, or simply die in the attempt.
  • If you send a party of your own, make sure you don't send too many people in order not to be detected, but not too few either, so that they have a fighting chance if they are detected. This is risky, and you may very well loose a few weaponthanes, but if you are successful, you will gain the Silver Dragon treasure. If your party is detected, this may worsen your relations with the dragonewts, though. Sending fewer than 10 fighters seems to help your party remain hidden.
  • If you tell another clan, they will be grateful to you and your reputation will increase.

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