Sir Ethilrist's Hospitality


Chain Event

Notable Rewards Silver Lips of Anriar
Bit of Kargzant
Previous Black Horse Troop

After giving the formidable Black Horse squad an invitation to your tula, the mighty Sir Ethilrist appears to take up your offer of hospitality.

Event Dialogue

The members of the mysterious Black Horse Troop take your clan up on its invitation to visit your tula.  You lay on a feast for these weird foreigners.  Their monstrous steeds are frightening to many of your people.  Their manners are not quite right, but they act like people you can trust.  Their leader, Sir Ethilrist, seems particularly pleased by your hospitality.  "In my many years, we have met and killed many types of people.  We have found that most are not friendly to outsiders.  Even fewer are friendly to outsiders as warlike and formidable as myself.  Your hospitality is remarkable, even for Orlanth-worshippers."
  1. Ask for nothing.
  2. Ask him for help with a raid.
  3. Ask him to train some of your weaponthanes.
  4. Ask if they know any useful stories of Orlanth.
  5. Offer to trade treasures with them.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Asking for nothing may be the best choice.  Impressed by your hospitality, Sir Ethilrist will give you your choice of two treasures:  the Silver Lips of Anriar or the Bit of Kargzant.
  • If you want help for a raid, Sir Ethilrist is more than happy to oblige.  However, this is a devil's bargain at best; enough so that Ethilrist himself will warn you there are consequences for it.  If you accept it, Sir Ethilrist and his men will raid one clan of your choosing so thoroughly he will slay all the men, and capture all the women and children for thralls.  Sir Ethilrist will also tell everyone he did it at your behest, and be prepared for almost every clan in Dragon Pass to be your foe.
  • Sir Ethilrist will also happily train your weaponthanes.  However, there is a dark side for it.  First, the warriors you send with him will be gone for a year.  Second, a good number of them may perish during training.  Third, all of the men may die (in which case you will receive some goods to compensate your clan for its loss), or the men may live, but decide to stay with Sir Ethilrist.
  • Asking for stories of Orlanth won't gain the Orlanthi.  In fact, Sir Ethilrist lets drop that there are many stories of Orlanth in many parts of the world, many of them conflicting, which may cause a religious conflict in the clan.
  • If you offer to trade treasures, Sir Ethilrist will give you a choice between the Silver Lips of Anriar, or the Bit of Kargzant.  It will cost a treasure of your own, so may wish to stock up on something replaceable like Spirit Fetch.

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