The skills of your nobles have a very important role to play in the success or failure of your decisions.


Each noble has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The skills are ranked as follows, from best to worst:

Heroic > Renowned > Excellent > Very Good > Good > Fair.
(Anything below "fair" is not worth mentioning.)

The skill levels of your thanes can raise with time, especially if they are on the ring. Skill levels can also drop, usually as a result of a failed heroquest.



Important for farming and hunting, the skill of your ring member with the highest level affects in part the health of your herds.


Very important skill for traders, also, to a lesser extent for emissaries, and explorers, it affects your negotiations and your trades. It also allows you to talk your way out instead of fighting when you encounter bandits and such.


Vital. Helps a lot with raids, exploration and hunting.


You need to know the law in order to apply it. It's the primary skill for emissaries and lawspeakers.


Vital for chiefs and kings. Helps when you're trying to persuade someone, or even in negotiations with other clans.


Vital for heroquests to succeed. Helps with successful sacrifices and divinations.


The harvest depends in part on the skill of the ring member in charge of plants.

Composite Skills

The following composite skills are confirmed for the IOS version, but unverified for the PC version.

  • Deception: Bargaining + Leadership
  • Diplomacy: Bargaining + Custom
  • Exploring: Bargaining + Combat
  • Farming: Animals + Plants
  • Hunting: Animals + Combat (+ Plants for Odayla worshippers)
  • Poetry: Custom + Leadership
  • Prophecy: Magic + Leadership
  • Strategy: Combat + Leadership

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