Sora Goodseller
Sora Goodseller


Random Event

Notable Rewards Ernalda's Oven
Whirlwind Jar

Sora Goodseller is one of the greatest trader-priestess of Issaries in Dragon Pass.  She is a source of treasures otherwise unobtainable.

Event: Great Treasure


Sora Goodseller, a trader-priestess of the Talking God, Issaries, comes to offer you what she says is a great treasure: <treasure name>
  1. Dicker with her, going no higher than 40 cows worth of goods.
  2. Dicker with her, going no higher than 60 cows worth of goods.
  3. Offer to trade her your treasure for the jar.
  4. Politely decline her offer, giver her hospitality.
  5. Refuse to dicker; offer her 40 cows worth of goods.
  6. Refuse to dicker; offer her 60 cows worth of goods.

King of Dragon Pass

Selling the Whirlwind Jar

A whirlwind trapped in a small clay jar. Sora says that when the jar is opened, the wind will roar out and sweep through our foes.


  • A treasure is usually considered to be worth around 50 cows, but this may vary depending on the treasure, and your trade reputation.
  • Either you get the treasure, or you don't.  Note, with the first two options you might get the item cheaper. 

It is possible that paying without dickering may improve Sora's impression of the clan, though this isn't confirmed. 


Sora is known to sell the following treasures:


  • Sora can return to sell her other treasures such as after you've formed a tribe.
  • Sora has a limited lifespan.  Sometimes it is mentioned is killed by bandits, other times disease, old age, etc.

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