Spirit-Talker Services


Random Event

Among Orlanthi society there is a class of people called Spirit-Talkers.  While not considered as highly as god-talkers they still are worthy of respect since they live out in the wilds, communing with the spirits around them.

Event 1: Services


Two spirit-talkers seek audience with the ring to see if you have any need of their services.  Spirit-talkers are Orlanthi, but they wander around in the wilderness, with ties to no single clan.  Their magic is a little different from the kind you're used to; they deal with spirits, not gods.  They are Strangers, meaning they are not of your clan, but can be trusted to follow normal customs and beliefs.
  1. "Begone!  You are strange and weird!"
  2. "Protect us from the undead."
  3. "Sell us a Spirit Fetch or two."
  4. "We need no spirit-talking, but we shall feed you."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you drive them away the Spirit-talkers can cause a loss of magic as the local spirits don't like how you treated them.
  • For the right price the Spirit-Talkers are capable of confounding the undead.
  • If you can afford it you probably should buy the Spirit Fetch here. You can usually buy multiple ones and for a cheaper price than other clans will sell.
  • If you have no need of their services it still can be a good idea to be nice to them, such as feeding them.  They can increase clan magic or if you need shamans for some reason they'll be easier to find.

Note:  If the spirit-talkers have positive interactions with you then you may see the following event.

Event 2: A Helping Hand

Shamans return to your tula.  "You are prosperous now.  You may not know this, but it is partly our doing.  You treated us politely, and we told the spirits hereabouts not to disturb you.  We told some of them of your generosity, and the great deeds of your ancestors.  The life of a shaman is a hard one, and..."  The shaman's voice trails off expectantly.
  1. Give them a share of your clan magic.
  2. Give them a treasure.
  3. Give them hospitality and send them on their way.
  4. Give them wealth.
  5. "Our struggle has been hard.  We saw no spirits aid us."

King of Dragon Pass


  • The spirit-talkers appreciate the sentiment if you offer to share your clan magic, but they have magic aplenty and will give you a few spare bits.
  • The spirit-talkers will definitely appreciate a treasure, though make sure it isn't a unique one. It is unknown whether they will take a Spirit Fetch (Mainly because in the first event they sell the Spirit Fetch).
  • The spirit-talkers will take the hospitality though will be a bit disappointed with such a response.
  • Wealth is as good as a treasure, as long as you don't get to stingy and the spirit-talkers can help enrich your magic.
  • Claiming total credit for your prosperity, the spirit-talkers will be disappointed and you will definitely suffer a loss of magic. It is unknown if other things may happen.

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