Spirit-Talkers: Charm for the Future


Random Event

Requires Tribe

When the very spirits of the land sense your possible greatness, they can grow irritated by what they sense is laziness.

Event Dialogue

Two wandering spirit-talkers visit our tula.  Among their pots, roots and balms is a magic charm that will "Bestir lazy bones and cause a great heat among the wearer and all those near the one who wears it. They offer us this charm for free.  When asked to explain why, the younger shaman says, "For most of my years I have heard rumors that your tribe was destined for greatness.  Perhaps this charm will help you hurry so you can live out your destiny."
  1. "Leave!  You are odd and your speech is disturbing."
  2. "What do you mean by this?"
  3. Take the charm, gift them in return.
  4. "We will seek our destiny in our way, at our own pace."
  5. "We do not need your spirit-talker gossip, but we shall feed you anyway, as befits Orlanthi generosity."
  6. "Thank you, we need no magic items, but will bear what you say in our hearts, and feed you before you go."

King of Dragon Pass


  • Ordering the shamans to leave is not a good idea.  You will lose some magic, and the spirits may inflict other bad luck.  Additionally, spirit-talkers are granted a measure of hospitality, so your clan may take a little umbrage at the treatment.
  • If you wish for clarification, just ask "What do you mean by this?"  The spirit-talkers essentially say unless you get moving forward, your clan will lose out on a great destiny.
  • It is customary when getting a gift, to return one in regard.  The shamans will appreciate this, and your magic may increase.  The charm will increase your store of clan magic and make a heroquest easier to perform. Addititionally, it doesn't look like the charm shows upon the clan's treasure list.
  •  Your clan's morale may improve as you state that you will seek your destiny at your own pace.
  • The spirit-talkers will take some umbrage for their 'gossip', and not being taken seriously, but will not pass up a free meal.  They may still give a slight magic increase, and your clan approves at their hospitality.
  • The most political answer, even if you don't wish their items, bearing the spirit-talkers word in your heart will cause a magic increase as the spirits approve of your treatment of the shamans.  

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