Spirit Tracker


Random Event

Requires Nearby War Rock clan

One fine day several newcomers appear on the bounds of your tula. Unfortunately, they aren't here for a social visit...

Event Dialogue

Thanes and priests from the <War Rock> clan come to accuse one of your young female carls, <X>, of secret murder. "We found our revered god-talker, <Y> dead in the temple, a dagger in her back. We asked the spirit of our sacred rock, and it said that one of your clan had done it. I hold in my hand a sliver of our sacred rock, and it tells me that this woman here is the killer. We demand you outlaw her, so we can take our just revenge for this most unholy act."
  1. Ask them to leave.
  2. Conduct a divination.
  3. Convince them that their spirit is wrong.
  4. Offer them compensation for <Y>'s death.
  5. Outlaw <X>.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Asking them to leave will anger the War-Rock Clan, and they might even declare a feud on you.
  • If you have the magic to spare, your first choice should be a divination, which can help establish your carl's innocence if successfully cast.  Failure will result in an unknown answer.  You will then go back to the other available options.
  • Persuasion may convince the War Rock Clan their spirit is wrong.  No one spirit is infallible after all.  They still think <X> did it, but they will wait to see if other proof comes up.  Failure will leave the War Rock Clan assuming you are hiding a murderer, and even supported her actions.
  • Offering compensation will be seen as tacit agreement <X> killed their priestess.  They won't take the wergild, and will demand you give <X> to them.  Refusal will have them angry as you hide what they assume is a murderer.
  • A simple solution, outlawing <X> leads to her death, but maintains relations with the War Rock Clan. Although your clan's morale will drop slightly.

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