Splitting From The Clan


Scripted Event

Happens when Overpopulated/Starving clan

If you've successfully held off raids, and successfully navigated the other dangers of Dragon Pass, you will notice the population of your clan growing. Normally, this is a good sign, but there comes a time that you will be asked to split off a small group to make their own way for the health of the clan.


Dialogue: Overcrowded

Weaponthane warning
Your warriors come together to complain that not all of the great and ancient families of the clan are getting their due in the clan hall.  They say that many bloodlines are unrepresented on the clan ring.  "Why should we obey the ring when our kin are not on it.  No one can make us do anything, and unless our families are properly respected, we do not wish to do what you say."  Other people, whose families are represented on the ring say the clan is ungovernable because it has grown too large.  They suggest that about a quarter of the clan should split off, and go off to seek a new tula of their own. 
  1. Seek volunteers to split off.
  2. Choose the worst troublemakers to split it off.
  3. Choose the best equipped to survive if they split off.
  4. Give gifts to the complainants
  5. Reorganize the ring

King of Dragon Pass

Dialogue: Starving

Your carls come together to warn the clan ring that your tula cannot support its population. "There are too many people now. We can't produce enough food for everyone. We could trade for more food, but would soon be in the same fix again. People will starve if we don't do something." Some of them suggest that about a quarter of the clan should split off, and go off to seek a new tula of their own. Others say you should seize land from a neighbor.
  1. Seek volunteers to split off.
  2. Choose the worst troublemakers to split off.
  3. Choose the best equipped to survive to split off.
  4. Delay action by trading for more food.
  5. Seize land from a neighbor.

King of Dragon Pass


To Split the Clan

If you don't mind splitting up the clan, then choose options 1, 2, or 3.  Note that when you split, 25% of the overall population, and 25% of the weaponthanes leave to form the new clan.  They also normally take 25% of your wealth (herds, and trade goods).

  • If you ask for volunteers, then the goods follow the straight 25% split.
  • If you get rid of the troublemakers, you actually keep a greater portion of the herds and trade goods.  It is assumed the troublemakers actually worked less, and thus have less.
  • If the best equipped leave, then they actually take more than the 25% of herds and goods.  This makes the assumption the best equipped actually worked harder than others, and thus have more wealth.

Then, you are asked if you wish to get any land to the split-off clan or not.  This is not recommended if you chose 'as much as we needed, no more' in the clan choices.  If you do give land, be sure to readjust your acreage so you don't accidentally starve.  (If you give the split-offs land, they tend to take 50 units of land).

Note: Sometimes you aren't asked if you want to give any land to them. (Don't know why this happens... When you're in a tribe maybe?)

Or Not to Split the Clan

If you don't wish to split the clan, then look at options 4 and 5.

For the Weaponthanes event
  • If you don't want to split up the clan, you can always give gifts to the complainers.  It takes some of your trade goods, and disperses it among the non-represented. This may affect the mood of the ones that didn't receive any gifts negatively, though.
  • If you wish to keep the clan intact, but don't want to lose trade goods, the other option is to reorganize the ring, representing other people getting more of a say in council.
For the Carls event
  • Going on a raid with the "Seize land" option: It's not easy to seize another clan's land, and trying will worsen your relations with it.
  • Trading for food is a temporary solution, that will only delay the problem.


  • If you split off a part of the clan, but don't give them any land, they will start with a negative impression of their parent clan.
  • If you are in a tribe, any clan spun off yours is not automatically in the tribe.

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