Stegosaurus Brunch


Random Event

With the variety of creatures, you would think the Orlanthi would have more names than just calling them all 'earthshakers...'

Event Dialogue

One of the giant reptiles called earthshakers galumphs onto your tula, intent on eating your crops.  <X> manages to herd it away from the barley, but now it’s crashed into a stead.
  1. Give it hay to eat.
  2. Send warriors to fight it.
  3. Send warriors to herd it away.
  4. Use magic to drive it off.
  5. Wait it out.

King of Dragon Pass


  • You can give it hay to eat to lure it away, but it can take a lot of food.
  • If you send warriors to fight it, you stand a very good chance of having your warriors sustain injury without causing the stegosaurus to move.
  • Easier than fighting it, your warriors may be able to herd it away.  As with anything else, success is not guaranteed.
  • Magic may drive it off as well, though dinosaurs can be resistant to magic.
  • If you wait, the stegosaurs will leave in its own time, but it will eat a large amount of food.


You can go through several repeat actions in the dialogue before there is a success.

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