One sign of prosperity for among the Orlanthi is the number of treasures at your clan's disposal.  Needless to say, this may elicit jealousy from others, and they may turn up missing one day.

Stolen Clan Regalia
Stolen regalia


Random Event

Event Dialogue

While tending to the clan hall, the noblewoman <X> is horrified to discover that the case containing the clan regalia has been broken into, and the holy regalia itself pilfered! <#> pieces are missing.

  1. Deal with this problem another day.
  2. Explore in search of new treasures to add to our regalia.
  3. Scour Dragon Pass for stolen regalia.

King of Dragon Pass


Upon encountering this event, you will lose a lot of clan magic, and the mood of your clan will drop.

  • Dealing with the problem another day may arguably be the worst choice.  In addition to the loss of magic, and the worsening clan mood, your clan may suffer curses for the theft of its items.  Additionally, the turmoil of the clan will continue since you essentially put solving the matter aside.
  • If you decide to search for new regalia, you will be asked who to send as the expedition leader, how many weaponthanes should go along, and for how many seasons. The longer you search, the better your odds of finding regalia. If successful, you will regain the lost magic (and more, depending on how many you found), and the clan mood will be raised again.
  • Scouring Dragon Pass for the stolen regalia may be the toughest choice.  You will decide who the expedition leader is, how many weaponthanes go along, and how many seasons they search.  The longer the search, the better the odds.  For that matter, a Vingan leader tends to have the best chances in this endeavor.  Success returns your regalia (as well as an increase in magic and mood).  Failure can be a loss of time, or even the disappearance of your expedition. 

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